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In order to improve our service, we invite you to let us know about your experience using the KML Validator, and to send us suggestions about what we can improve and what additional support we can provide in your pursuit of better KML.


Please help us to improve the online documentation. What error would you like us to add help content for next?

What was your experience when using the KML Validator?

It was easy to use
It was OK to use
It was difficult to use
I didn't understand how to use it

If your file had validation errors, how did you find the error report?

Easy to understand
No help at all

Were you able to find help for fixing your validation errors?

Yes - there was help available in the online documentation.
Yes - but I had to search other sites to find the information.
No - I was not able to find any information about how to fix my problem.

If you had difficulties with the KML Validator or the error report, please explain your experience briefly so that we can plan future improvements.

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