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Software Information

  • Software Version: 1.0
  • Software Build Date: 2014-06-11
  • Company: Galdos Systems, Inc.

What the KML Validator Does

The purpose of the KML Validator is assist KML data authors in producing the highest quality KML possible by highlighting where their KML files are invalid or where they could be improved.

The KML Validator uses a test suite to validate KML files against the KML 2.2 specification. Once the validation is complete, the Validator presents a report that identifies all the issues discovered during the validation process. These issues are grouped by level:

  • Level 1 errors mean that the KML file is not valid.
  • Level 2 and Level 3 issues are recommendations for improving the quality and interoperability of the KML file.

More information can be found in the Help pages.

Note: The KML Validator does not store KML files anywhere, it just provides validation of files that are submitted.

What is KML Validation?

The KML Validator is an online service that can be used to validate KML files.

KML files or KMZ archives can be submitted for validation through a web interface. The supporting content provides information about using the KML Validator.


The following definitions will help when reading the KML Validator documentation:

KML validation:
a general term for validating KML
KML Validator:
a web application for people to use for validating KML

File Size Limit

The KML Validator is configured to validate files up to 2 megabytes in size. Files larger than 2 megabytes, including KMZ archives containing KML files that are bigger than this size limit, will be rejected.

Browser Accommodation

Even if a KML file is not completely valid or of the highest quality and interoperability, it may still display correctly when viewed in an Earth browser. Many browsers are tolerant of certain types of errors and still display the content correctly even if it is not strictly valid.

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About Galdos Systems Inc.

Galdos Systems Inc. is a software and services company that delivers geospatial infrastructure solutions to international businesses and governments to enable the real-time distribution and management of their geospatial data.

As the creators of Geography Mark-up Language (GML), Galdos Systems Inc. successfully delivers mission critical solutions to international governments and defense organizations. Galdos Systems Inc. solution offerings include custom services which target data integration and conversion, as well as a world class product suite that offers advanced geospatial data management and distribution capabilities.

Galdos Systems Inc. was part of the team that submitted the KML 2.2 Specification to the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC®) for consensus.

With the recent OGC adoption of KML as an Open Standard, the KML Validator was created to validate KML files against a test suite for the KML 2.2 specification. The purpose of the KML Validator is to assist KML data authors in producing the highest quality KML possible by highlighting where the KML files are invalid or where they could be improved.

If you require more detailed assistance with your KML files, please contact our at Galdos Systems Inc. for a customized solution to fit your needs.

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